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Christian Hip-Hop??? GATEKEEPERZ got that on LOCK!

July 13, 2014 in Artist's Corner, Featured Artist, Hood Related, Magazine, RAW Music, RAW Video, Un-Signed Hype by FuRyUs sTyLeZ


What's good in the HOOD people??? Now this group caught us off guard. Not because they are a Christian Hip-Hop group but because our founder & producer Furyus Stylez has known GATEKEEPERZ group member Matelyn Johnson now known as SECRET-KEEPER forever & a day Lol... But seriously this group grabbed our attention right out the gate(& a BIG THANKS to Kendra Little for giving us the heads up!). They have been grinding since 2003 & it's obvious that they are more than a force to be reckoned with. Now we will let you be the judge here but we go on record now with a big HOOD PAGEZ APPROVED!!!!! Our Soundcloud people know exactly what that means. Not given out to much.... But check out the group, video and all links provided. They GET IT IN!!!

The GateKeeperz (GK) started in 2003 with a vision to bridge the gap between rap and live music. Made of a group of all Christians, our lifestyle drives the conviction behind the music. Sharing the stage with artist like James Fortune, Marvin Sapp, Deitrick Hadden, Lisa McClendon, BBJ and many more have prepared The GateKeeperz for the national stage. GK have clearly created a unique sound that fills a void in music today. The much anticipated album “Come Home” is sure to appeal to nations.

Group members:

*Sound Doc - Rapper/writer
*Que - rapper/writer
*Matelyn Alecia - Singer/writer
Melo D - producer/keyboards
Jimmy - Keyboards
JAzz - keyboards
Sonny - Bass
Tracy - Bass
Calvin - Lead guitar
Bryan - Drums

*= pictured

YouTube – TheGateKeeperz

Twitter - @thegatekprz





Featured Artist Peachanda Dubose

July 4, 2014 in Artist's Corner, Featured Artist, Magazine, Productions by FuRyUs sTyLeZ


What's good in the HOOD people? Hood Pagez is proud to present Peachanda Dubose, CEO of Mayan Productions as our newest featured artist! Now when you read her bio you might think she is Jamaican with all the things she has going! But seriously this young lady is on the GRIND for real. Now I must say the she has always been a supporter of what we do here and we have reciprocated all the love she has shown in the background. Ms. Peaches as she is know to her friends is a DIE HARD business woman and it seems no matter the obstacle she goes full steam a head. We have watched Mayan Productions grow over the last few years and it's time people know what a quality business she is running. Here is how she describes herself.....

Mother, Licensed Cosmetologist, Author of (2) Books of Poetry: "Reflections of Me" & "Unbreakable" CEO/Founder of Mayan Productions LLC.

Award winning Writer/Director/Producer of the Inspirational Plays "Surrender" "Even a Wretch like Me" " Mr. Harold Behave" "The Devil Thought he Had Me" (Awarded Best Real Life Drama in 2012). "Diverse Temptations (Film)" "The Greats (Musical)" & "The List."

She is The Creator/Founder of the Official Playwrights Ball & Symposium/PEACH Theatre Awards, The Founder/Admin. of The Playwright's/FimMakers Forum, & Kingdom Socials
(Christian networking events).

"Three-Time" Winner of the Editor's Choice Award by 2003-2006, 2014 "Bavarlee Bernstein" Award Nominee for "Most Relevant."

Featured artist at the National Black Theatre Festival (NBTF), & DC Black Theatre Festival (DCBTF).


Mayan Productions next show is The List and the BUZZ is in the air on this one!Description: Kim had a "LIST" and he met all of her criteria. He was her ideal man, rich, successful, driven and handsome. He was everything she ever dreamed of, but what she didn't realize, was that she didn't know him at all. Be careful what you pray for. "THE LIST" The new hit play, by Peachanda DuBose. Starring: Tony Hightower of "Madea gets a job & "The Have & Have Nots" Trae Ireland From "About last Night" & David E. Talberts "A Fool & His Money" ...and in her epic comeback performance, The Phenomenal Stephanie Drake! Co Starring: Darrell Dove, Onzetta Roberts, D. Alonzo Clay, & The Legendary Jazz sensation, Ms. Theresa Hightower! Hosted by: Atl's Finest, Jason "Jboy" Carey. -Join Peachanda & her cast on the *RED CARPET for her farewell show in NC, AT 5pm. *SHOW BEGINS AT 7pm


To learn more about Peachanda or "The List" us the links bellow

Peachanda Dubose
The List ticket purchase

HoOd PaGeZ presentz.... PIMP-FU UNSIGNED HYPE!

February 4, 2014 in Hood Related, Lyricist Lounge, Magazine, Un-Signed Hype by FuRyUs sTyLeZ


What’s good in the HoOd people? Furyus Stylez back at it again with some UNSIGNED HYPE!!! Now this cat caught our attention on Soundcloud and pretty much stopped us in our trackz! When we heard his flow we were floored & that doesn’t happen easy! Now we have a few more features in waiting but we just had to get this cat out there first. Our camp hasn’t been this excited about an artist in years so you already know…  Now we are going on the books with this one! Under the right management Pimp-Fu could be the next….  Yeah! So check out my man PIMP-FU and his homies & let us know what you think. If you have any questions hit him up… he has a profile here. Oh, BIG UPS TO YOU BRUH!

Whats good! I go by the name of Pimp FU (real name Pinero Coleman) and I’ma new rapper on the scene. I reside in Paterson, New Jersey and I love hip hop. I’ma street smart dude with lyrisism and I try to bring my intelligence and my street savy to life in my music. Bringin' back that old school, boom bap feel. Im always up for doing tracks with other artists.. so if you tryna work get at me!!! Check out my soundcloud I also make music with my homeboy Star Piggity.. check our page out too

HoOd PaGeZ 1st FEATURED MODEL "Fallon Nicole"

December 23, 2013 in Hood Related, Magazine, Un-Signed Hype by FUNK-DOCTOR-SPOCK

Hood Pagez  would like to thank Derrick Logan Photography for bringing us our first ever model feature!! When we started this site it was to put a spot light on artists of all kinds and slowly but surely we will get a representation for just that! With that being said.... Hopefully Mr. Logan will be our first featured photographer! This brother is multi-talented and I am sure he will come in on more than one category for the feature! Oh, and thanks again D!!! Fallon is truly captivating... make sure you keep us up to date on her progress.

Fallon Nicole is 25 years old, born and raised in Southern, New Jersey. Fallon is ambitious, goal oriented, focused and persistent. She's a strong believer in the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” Fallon has a strong passion for dancing, music, and photography. She enjoys being in front of the camera and loves a variety of photography styles. Fallon's goal as a model is to be the best while remaining professional and respectful. Fallon is down to earth and well rounded with a good head on her shoulders. She wants to inspire people and let them know they can do whatever it is that they want in life. For Bookings email




October 2, 2013 in Hood Related, Lyricist Lounge, RAW Music, Un-Signed Hype by FuRyUs sTyLeZ

What's good in the HOOD people? This featured artist was chosen once again from the UK and he attracted my attention on SoundCloud. I find it totally AMAZING how American music in general is recieved over seas but not only is the music well recieved but adopted! Here at HoOd PaGeZ we make it a point to listen to a lot of music that is being created outside of the USA. Now I will say we don't understand the language all the time but you can just tell when someone is gettin' it in! I think FLOW IS FLOW in any language! Now back to our featured artist... DR. HOOK's flow in general is OFF THE CHAIN in my book! Now I will say that this is not American Hip-hop. In the UK they have their own vibe and sounds.... not to mention the accent which I must say I really like! I don't want anyone to sleep on the UK! They get's BUSY and it's not watered down it is REAL HIP-HOP! Just wanted to get that out the way before the comments start comming. Everyone has an opinion but make sure you take a listen to vibe DR. HOOK is putting out. It is sure to be classic as time progresses... But I will chill & let him tell you a lil' about himself! FuRyUs StYlEz OUT!

cover 2
john wills A.K.A DR. HOOK lives in a small village ( Delabole , north Cornwall ) u.k .. with not a lot to do other than pick up a Mic !
I have always liked all hip-hop / rap ever since i can remember my first tape being N.W.A .. Straight Outta Compton.  I did visit Ireland to see Eminem live for the second time... ( last time being 10 years ago )
such artist as above and the likes of HILLTOP HOODS ... BLISS & ESO .... KERSER... and many many more has lead me to try and make my own album ( just what the doctor ordered ) which I'm currently still working on .... once i have around 14 tracks i will be converting my loft into a recording studio so i can re-record the entire album to a higher standard of vocals and production ......

some of my best tracks are listed below


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