Featured Entrepreneur Corey F. Scott is on the GRIND!


Furyus StylezWhat’s good in the hood people? Now we do realize this is different from any other feature we have done but this brother stay on the GRIND for real! My man Corey is doing some real positive things and deserves to be recognized. His most recent project of motivational speaking to youth about education really caught our attention. It’s so important for youth from low income backgrounds to see that they do have a chance to become anything they desire in this world. Corey has been involved in so many different aspects of the business world we couldn’t possibly list and elaborate on them all in just one article! All we can say is he has rubbed elbows with some very important people. If I had to drop just one name it would be Def Jam Records Senior Vice President of A&R Lenny Santiago! Check out Corey’s bio and you will see what’s really up! Furyus Stylez OUT!

corey scottAs a seasoned engineer that has been exposed to various manufacturing and product development environments, I feel as though I can benefit your company in a variety of roles. Although I have an entrepreneurial mindset relating to that of sales and business development, I have also lead various engineering, product development, manufacturing, and technical support efforts for over the last 17 years and love the challenge of effectively solving and preventing problems before and after they arise. Ultimately, high quality communication equates to high quality processes, products, people skills, and the achieving of our bottom line in business.

Professional experiences include managing product development, Six Sigma continuous improvements, quality engineering, technical sales/creative writing and corporate training projects. Obtaining formal education in the field of Mechanical Engineering has created opportunities to serve in collective roles such as Aerospace Engineer, Process Engineer, Quality Engineer, Safety Manager, Capital Investments Project Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, SAP Deployment Team Lead Trainer, Creative Consultant and Business Analyst.

Reference Article from a Winston Salem, NC newspaper – ‘The Chronicle”


Personal Message from Corey F. Scott:

“It really doesn’t matter where you come from, but it matters more where you chose to go in life. Never let a negative environment dictate what you will  or will not become. Always use negative situations as energy to turn that situation into a positive one. Everyone is an engineer. Start looking through your present situation and create an executable game plan for your future. Live your FUTURE dream, not your PAST!

Corey F. Scott
Aerospace Engineer
11 year product of the Dickerson Courts Housing Projects of Newport News, VA aka BAd News, VA

100% Prime All of The Time!

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Featured Artist Peachanda Dubose



What’s good in the HOOD people? Hood Pagez is proud to present Peachanda Dubose, CEO of Mayan Productions as our newest featured artist! Now when you read her bio you might think she is Jamaican with all the things she has going! But seriously this young lady is on the GRIND for real. Now I must say the she has always been a supporter of what we do here and we have reciprocated all the love she has shown in the background. Ms. Peaches as she is know to her friends is a DIE HARD business woman and it seems no matter the obstacle she goes full steam a head. We have watched Mayan Productions grow over the last few years and it’s time people know what a quality business she is running. Here is how she describes herself…..

Mother, Licensed Cosmetologist, Author of (2) Books of Poetry: “Reflections of Me” & “Unbreakable” CEO/Founder of Mayan Productions LLC.

Award winning Writer/Director/Producer of the Inspirational Plays “Surrender” “Even a Wretch like Me” ” Mr. Harold Behave” “The Devil Thought he Had Me” (Awarded Best Real Life Drama in 2012). “Diverse Temptations (Film)” “The Greats (Musical)” & “The List.”

She is The Creator/Founder of the Official Playwrights Ball & Symposium/PEACH Theatre Awards, The Founder/Admin. of The Playwright’s/FimMakers Forum, & Kingdom Socials
(Christian networking events).

“Three-Time” Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award by Poetry.com 2003-2006, 2014 “Bavarlee Bernstein” Award Nominee for “Most Relevant.”

Featured artist at the National Black Theatre Festival (NBTF), & DC Black Theatre Festival (DCBTF).

Mayan Productions next show is The List and the BUZZ is in the air on this one!Description: Kim had a “LIST” and he met all of her criteria. He was her ideal man, rich, successful, driven and handsome. He was everything she ever dreamed of, but what she didn’t realize, was that she didn’t know him at all. Be careful what you pray for. “THE LIST” The new hit play, by Peachanda DuBose. Starring: Tony Hightower of “Madea gets a job & “The Have & Have Nots” Trae Ireland From “About last Night” & David E. Talberts “A Fool & His Money” …and in her epic comeback performance, The Phenomenal Stephanie Drake! Co Starring: Darrell Dove, Onzetta Roberts, D. Alonzo Clay, & The Legendary Jazz sensation, Ms. Theresa Hightower! Hosted by: Atl’s Finest, Jason “Jboy” Carey. -Join Peachanda & her cast on the *RED CARPET for her farewell show in NC, AT 5pm. *SHOW BEGINS AT 7pm


To learn more about Peachanda or “The List” us the links bellow

Peachanda Dubose
The List ticket purchase

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What’s good in the HoOd people? Furyus Stylez back at it again with some UNSIGNED HYPE!!! Now this cat caught our attention on Soundcloud and pretty much stopped us in our trackz! When we heard his flow we were floored & that doesn’t happen easy! Now we have a few more features in waiting but we just had to get this cat out there first. Our camp hasn’t been this excited about an artist in years so you already know…  Now we are going on the books with this one! Under the right management Pimp-Fu could be the next….  Yeah! So check out my man PIMP-FU and his homies & let us know what you think. If you have any questions hit him up… he has a profile here. Oh, BIG UPS TO YOU BRUH!

Whats good! I go by the name of Pimp FU (real name Pinero Coleman) and I’ma new rapper on the scene. I reside in Paterson, New Jersey and I love hip hop. I’ma street smart dude with lyrisism and I try to bring my intelligence and my street savy to life in my music. Bringin’ back that old school, boom bap feel. Im always up for doing tracks with other artists.. so if you tryna work get at me!!! Check out my soundcloud soundcloud.com/pinero-coleman I also make music with my homeboy Star Piggity.. check our page out too soundcloud.com/star-piggity-pimp-fu

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